Getting and Keeping Rats Outta YOUR Lawrenceville Attic Today!

Georgia Rats at Attic:

Lawrenceville rats mostly live in areas where they have enough food to eat. Most of the people keep attic unused due to many reasons. So, they don't clean up the attic regularly and properly. Secondly, they use attic as the store of home and let mammals, animals and rats live a good life. If you think rats have occupied your attic, you should go for confirmation prior to take any action against these tiny species.

Inspect the Attic:

It is the best thing ever for you to do. You must survey your attic well and comprehensively. This inspection will let you know estimated population of rats, their shelter, feces, entry paths, babies and foods they are eating. After this; you should come to next step and make some good plans effectively to catch and remove rats at attic.

Seal All Entries:

It is first step you must take. You should highlight all entry paths which Georgia rats use to enter the homes and attic. You must use concrete or other extra efficient material to seal all of these holes. No one should use soft material like clothes or other things as rats can tear them easily.

Eliminate Food Sources:

Rats run for foods inside a house. If you keep your Georgia kitchen open with variety of foods, then Lawrenceville rats will keep visiting your homes. You must keep every eatable thing under cover. You must put the food waste inside a bin with strong lid. Now, you should eliminate all of food sources which rats seek for.

Use Traps:

Now, it is high time to place Georgia rat traps that will catch or kill these tiny species. Most people use the rats at attic. You should use these traps on places where rats are still living.

Shift the Cats at Attic:

If some Lawrenceville rats are big and they are unwilling to leave your attic, you must treat them with another way. Sure, you must shift wild cats to attic. Of course, cats will have great feast and kill all of rats.

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