Best Ways To Use a Snare Pole to Catch a Lawrenceville Raccoon

If you have Lawrenceville raccoons in the attic, you can use snare pole in two ways: professionally by directly catching them or scaring them away.

Method 1)

This is the direct method. This method must be the second choice, as Georgia raccoons may not run into trap directly. If raccoons stand its own ground and don' t try of escaping your Georgia attic, you may try to capture them physically using snare pole professionally. As you may imagine, that' s not an easier task and you can hurt the raccoons in this way, or in the worst case, raccoons may end up damaging you or your home.

Though you can' t longer call city raccoon the wild animals, they are not certainly domesticized, and can be quite dangerous if feeling threatened. If you manage of catching them using professional snare pole, be sure that you have the solid box trap right at hand or any other kind of container where you can trap them easily. If you get a success in doing this, never leave attic without completely searching for the baby raccoons and capturing them first.

Method 2)

This is an indirect method. It would be the most preferred method as you try of capturing Lawrenceville raccoons using snare pole. Search for an entry hole utilized by raccoons. Put in the trap on this entry hole, and then come into the attic, make use of snare pole for scaring the raccoon into escaping the attic. Animal may run directly into that trap if this method works. Once again, never only assume that the job is done after you have trapped the raccoon. Look each soffit or corner of attic for the baby raccoons and take them out using hands.

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