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Lawrenceville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Georgia Skunks and Their Territories

Skunks are not territorial Lawrenceville creatures. They will have different burrows that they will use on various occasions. They will quickly leave their old territory after it served its purpose. There is also limited information about the way they mark their territory. The size of their territory is rather small compared to other creatures in the wild. They also prefer to inhabit the burrows that have been abandoned by other burrowing animals.

Interesting Information about the Skunk' s Territory

The Georgia skunk' s territory will overlap with each other. It is also common for them to share their territory with other skunks. They will rather flee the site rather than to defend their territory unlike the other creatures. Their home may range from 4sq.mile. However, most of the skunks will only travel less than one mile when hunting for their food or mate.

Communal Dens

The skunk' s communal burrows will be common during the period when they are not raising their young ones. At least 6 skunks will share the communal den that is only composed of one male skunk. Some skunks will have a poor vision, and they will have a low visibility on an object that is around 2-3 feet away. This is why they will normally use their olfactory sense when looking for the food to eat.

Where They Establish their Territory

The Lawrenceville skunks will only show a minimum level of discrimination when they are looking for habitat in the wild. They can also be established in rural and urban setting. They will look for a place that has a water source in a distance of 2 miles. The skunk will refuse to travel more than 2 miles away from their home. Generally, they will only stay within the 1-mile range from their burrow. Apart from the water source, they will also need enough covers and food source. They have the ability to establish their territory in a range of habitat even on well-developed areas.

Where They Live

The Georgia skunks have sharp and strong claws that they can use in digging their den. Usually, they will choose the abandoned burrows of other animals such as armadillo and groundhog. Not all skunks will use the ground as their den. There are also others that will build their den in the cavity of the trees or under the piles of woods and brushes. When in the residential community, it would not be uncommon for them to invade our property to establish their burrows under our porch or shed. Their burrows will normally contain up to 3 chambers and there will also be 5 different entrance or exit points that enables them to quickly avoid the threat of the predators. The entry hole will have an average of 8-inches in diameter.

Skunks are not territorial Lawrenceville creatures. Give it enough time and it may leave your property. However, in case it becomes too comfortable in staying in your house, call the help of the skunk removal expert to get rid of them humanely and safely.